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Privacy Policy

StopSkunkSmell.org respects your privacy. Below is how we gather and use information on StopSkunkSmell.org.

Do you collect e-mail addresses?
No,we do not collect the email addresses of people when they visit StopSkunkSmell.org. The only times when we are made aware of your email address is when you send us and email from your email address, when you signup for our newsletter, and when you make a purchase with us, you are sent your receipt through your email address.

How are email messages processed?
If you choose to send us an email, we may save pieces of your email with our responses. If portions of your email contain well-written first hand experiences that can help describe the effectiveness of the product to potential customers, we may decide to highlight specific non-identifiable portions of the email on our testimonials page. Depending on the content within the testimonial we will use a full or partial pseudonym to protect your identity, unless the email from the customer contains instructions not to. If you wish for us not to use specific portions of your message as customer highlights or testimonials for our product, you may request that we not display your testimonial on our website.

Is my information kept safe when I make a purchase?
Yes, we use ClickBank to process all of our online sales. We do not personally process any of our sales. ClickBank is a highly secure online banking system which securely processes all of our sales. ClickBank is a member of the Better Business Bureau. ClickBank will require you enter your location, name, and credit card information. ClickBank will then process all of this information to make sure it is accurate and will then either accept or deny payment.

How do you collect information?
Whenever someone visits a webpage through their browser, navigation information is collected and stored temporarily in our web hosts web log files. This navigation information can not be used to identify specific people, instead it is used to help aid us in: website analysis, advertising, and website statistics. The information recorded is the date and time of visit, ip address, browser information, and the website you came from.

Similar to other professional websites, our website sometimes uses cookies. A cookie is a small amount of information which is created by a website and is temporarily stored on a computer to help us in advertising, affiliate sales, and traffic analysis. The cookies are temporary and are only accessed by our shopping cart and our website analysis. You can choose to turn of cookies in your browser if you wish.

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