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Customer Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials our customers have sent us. Some of our customers didn't want their names/email addresses given out so we have used pseudonyms for those customers. We plan on adding more testimonials soon, so check back often!

"BAM !!! It worked !"

Short an to the point !!

Got the call from my son, he said, Dad, Bella (Golden Retriever) just got in a fight with a SKUNK ! and she got nailed BAD ! and were out at the property.

OK Property, 60 acres, Woods, Lakes no house nothing. he said she is NOT going in my truck. I was at work, I immediately went to my computer and started typing in ( SKUNK SM - and this came up SKUNK SMELL REMOVAL ! so I clicked on it and there you were !

I called the wife and said BLAH, BLAH, web, skunk smell removal and she said " DONT YOU DARE SPEND A DIME ! ( TOMATO JUICE will do it ) !

Well, I ignored her the 1st time in 25 yrs and ordered your information and went straight to the store and then went out to property to drive the IDIOT DOG ! and the pissed off son home. They road in the back with blankets, it was 19 degrees !

So we got home read the directions mixed it up the dog was in the back yard and we took the bucket out there and went to town on her, we were a little concerned about getting the solution in her eyes and I think that was the only spot we did not do 2 times. Well after the pissed off dog finally got her scrubbing she shook all over and we put her in the laundry room to dry.

2 hrs later the wife came home and right away as she always does opened the door and let the dog run the house, we were yelling at her and she said whats the problem ? I don't smell anything !

BAM !!! It worked !

I think the key is don't be shy on drenching the dog and not getting wet to start so the ingredients will not be diluted.

The Wife was pleased I didn't listen, because several people told us Tomato Juice does not work that well.


"Your solutions worked extremely well"

Your solutions worked extremely well. We still have a bit of the smell but nothing like it was. It amazes me just how bad it is when you get sprayed by a skunk. When it initially happened I asked my husband if he could smell anything on me and he said no, so I went to work. What a mistake. By 1:45 in the afternoon they asked me to leave and go home that is how bad I smelled. It had spread throughout the office.

Your solution worked very well. I do feel that the cost of obtaining the solution was a little high but in the whole scheme of things well worth it in the end.

I am the joke of the office this week.

Thanks Claire

"Thanks for the Advice"

The formula seemed to work although we did everything you said not to do at first. Although we did not let the dog run through the house, my wife picked him up and took him to the tub. We really did not know he got sprayed until he began to vomit and we took him outside for a while. There is still a little stench on his beard but hopefully will go away. The rest of the house is getting back to normal with ********* and **** ********. Thanks for the advice.


"We would definitely recommend this"


Our dog was sprayed in the face by a skunk Fri. evening. I immediately went on line for advice. I'm glad I did. I had my husband pick up the ingredients on his way home and we were amazed by how quickly the odor almost disappeared. We would definitely recommend this because it helped us through a stressful situation. We already have back-up supplies ready to go, but of course we hope we never have to use them!

Thank you,


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